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Argumentative Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

Introduction of Argumentative Essay Firstly, you need to understand what argumentative essay is. How you can write an argumentative essay to impress the reader. It is an essay on some issues on which you debate about a particular topic. It is not an essay or writing on which you get into an emotional rant while […]

Dissertation Writing and Referencing

Dissertation Writing and Referencing The dissertation is specific writing by a student on a topic of his choice as guided by a tutor. It’s the part of the final degree of students and to get reasonable marks in finals, you have to prepare a well-structured dissertation. To write the best dissertation, you have to follow […]

Write a Goal in the Abstract

Abstract writing is not a much difficult task if you know the techniques well. For writing an abstract you have topic, complete information written in your dissertation, further-sleight of hand and no magic. But still some students feel difficult in writing dissertation abstract. The dissertation, like the rest of the student work, requires competent design. […]

Coronavirus Attack in the UK

Coronavirus is from the same SARS COV-2 virus family and in a  human body coronavirus causes respiratory illness and breathing problems. It emerged in China mainland in December 2019 then it spread to all world and reached the United Kingdom in probably March. The World Health Organization has already declared it a pandemic at the […]

UK and American Education Systems

Differences between UK and American Education Systems There are more than half of the world’s top 200 universities are in the United States or the UK. Both countries have a rich tradition of quality higher education, exceptional research opportunities and a culture that promotes both intellectual and academic freedom. Although both countries provide an excellent […]

Organize Best Your Studies in Abroad

Want to Study Abroad? Check How to organize Best Your Studies in Abroad The organization of studying abroad is a multi-stage process: you will need to identify goals, choose ways to achieve them, then work hard, and in the end, analyse the results. During the time that will pass before the first day in a […]

Five Practices to Release Homework Stress

Homework are always supposed to be the stressful, but at the same time, completing it can also help to create a sense of success. You also have to remember that homework is not the way to punish you. If you feel really stressed, you can post an ad like paying someone for your assignment and […]

COVID-19: Effects on UK’s Educational Sector

Covid-19: Effects on United Kingdom’s Educational Sector What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus began in Wuhan, China; which is an infectious disease as it causes lungs infection. On 12-01-2020, this become a worldwide breakdown and soon become a global pandemic by March, 2020. This is among the deadliest type of virus which has 2% of mortality rate. […]

How to Write an Abstract for the Dissertation?

The abstract is an integral part of your dissertation. If you are new to the dissertation writing word, then probably we should start with, what the dissertation abstract is? Dissertation abstract: A dissertation abstract is the short summary of the overall research and the dissertation. A dissertation abstract is the “gateway” or “filter” for the […]

Dissertation Introduction Examples Tips

Here is the symmetrical order of the sections in the dissertation format, these sections will appear in the dissertation as: Dissertation abstract Dissertation introduction Dissertation conclusions But in general this order will not be followed, when you will be writing the dissertation’s first draft. Actually, the reason behind this is that you will write the […]

how long the dissertation should be?

Up till this point you must be familiar with “all you need to know about the dissertation”. The first question that arises in the mind of the students is “how long the dissertation should be?” just the thought of the extensive work can give the students goose-bumps. In the first glimpse it is mostly intimidating […]

How To Write A Dissertation Top Tips

Have you reached the stage of your academic journey where you ought to How To write a dissertation? This means that you have successfully nailed the most part of the academic journey. Hold your patience! There is one last task “writing the dissertation”. By now your life would have been a roller coaster ride with […]

Dissertation Structure | How to Structure a Dissertation

Dissertation structure varies a lot depending upon the research type and extent. It also varies with the institution’s requirement. This article will give you insight into the standard format of dissertation writing. The dissertation shouldn’t look like an essay but it should look somewhat like an academic book. Methodology for structuring your dissertation: Are you […]

Top Study Hacks to Improve The Memory For Exam Preparation

Don’t say it’s the exam season again. The grind is about to begin shortly. Do you also think how is it possible for a student to remember the extensive stuff like world war consequences, solving integrals and remembering the phyla characteristics? Isn’t this required a great deal of memory? Yes! It is. The article is […]

Tips Every University Student Needs To Survive The Final Exams

Every university student faces the dilemma of confronting final examinations once or twice in a year. The word “exam” sounds so intimidating. Especially if you are a fresher then final exam could really be daunting for you. You have vigilantly studied during the whole semester or term, burning your mid night’s oil to prepare for […]