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How to write an abstract for the dissertation?

The abstract is an integral part of your dissertation. If you are new to the dissertation writing word, then probably we should start with, what the dissertation abstract is? Dissertation abstract: A dissertation abstract is the short summary of the overall research and the dissertation. A dissertation abstract is the “gateway” or “filter” for the […]

Dissertation Introduction Examples Tips

Here is the symmetrical order of the sections in the dissertation format, these sections will appear in the dissertation as: Dissertation abstract Dissertation introduction Dissertation conclusions But in general this order will not be followed, when you will be writing the dissertation’s first draft. Actually, the reason behind this is that you will write the […]

how long the dissertation should be?

Up till this point you must be familiar with “all you need to know about the dissertation”. The first question that arises in the mind of the students is “how long the dissertation should be?” just the thought of the extensive work can give the students goose-bumps. In the first glimpse it is mostly intimidating […]

How To Write A Dissertation Top Tips

Have you reached the stage of your academic journey where you ought to How To write a dissertation? This means that you have successfully nailed the most part of the academic journey. Hold your patience! There is one last task “writing the dissertation”. By now your life would have been a roller coaster ride with […]

Dissertation Structure | How to Structure a Dissertation

Dissertation structure varies a lot depending upon the research type and extent. It also varies with the institution’s requirement. This article will give you insight into the standard format of dissertation writing. The dissertation shouldn’t look like an essay but it should look somewhat like an academic book. Methodology for structuring your dissertation: Are you […]

Top Study Hacks to Improve The Memory For Exam Preparation

Don’t say it’s the exam season again. The grind is about to begin shortly. Do you also think how is it possible for a student to remember the extensive stuff like world war consequences, solving integrals and remembering the phyla characteristics? Isn’t this required a great deal of memory? Yes! It is. The article is […]

Tips Every University Student Needs To Survive The Final Exams

Every university student faces the dilemma of confronting final examinations once or twice in a year. The word “exam” sounds so intimidating. Especially if you are a fresher then final exam could really be daunting for you. You have vigilantly studied during the whole semester or term, burning your mid night’s oil to prepare for […]

How to Avoiding Plagiarism in the Essays

How sucking it sounds “your content is plagiarized”. University students often hear this while preparing for their assignment or dissertation. If you are a fresher, then you might have heard from your professor that your assignment must not be plagiarized. Are you still wondering what is plagiarism? so start with the plagiarism definition so you […]

How to Master your Notes Taking Skills

Notes taking is probably the most influential tool to get the most out of your college and university. Notes taking isn’t an important subject of matter for the students alone, this is something you will be doing in the bulk of your life. This article will help you to choose the effective style for taking […]

Tips for Writing Dissertation Methodology

Writing a dissertation with apt dissertation methodology could be a nightmare for some students especially if they are not eloquent writers. However; if you want to ace it this article is surely for your service.         Nowadays, many degree programs require a dissertation from students. So your mind should be crystal-clear about the dissertation: “Dissertation […]

How to write dissertation bibliography

Most academic writings like a book, research report, a thesis or a dissertation require a bibliography section. If you are undergraduate this term might seem an alien to you. Writing a bibliography isn’t as intimidating as it seems. What is bibliography? For your understanding, you can think of bibliography section as same as a “reference […]

How to write a dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal is a scholastic paper that is typically composed to give pursuers data about your thesis. It lets the students, supervisors, and other individuals discover what your thesis will be about, what questions will be addressed, what is the hypothetical foundation for your paper, what techniques will be utilized for it, and how […]

Tips for creating the perfect dissertation title

The Dissertation title is the most crucial aspect I guess. This is the very first feature of your dissertation that is going to interact with the reader. So this is the right moment for setting the “first impression”. Are you struggling with the dissertation title? So don’t panic. You are a part of the vast […]