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Assignments Planet is one of the leading academic writing firms and renowned because of top-class quality. The assignments we deliver to the students are unmatched and meet fully the requirements of your tutors. Assignments Planet welcomes you to become a part of our platform, we are committed to give guidance and help in your education. We intend to do right with our customers we are very careful about our writer’s selection, even it is a very difficult task to hiring them, we promised the student to provide custom writing service, while selection we focus to several points, we find assignment writers according to their qualification, experience, professionalism, etc.

Assignments Planet Company Finds Professional Writers

It is very difficult to convey the correct information with your words, but the essay writers we hired better comprehend your needs and produce the final documents accordingly. At Assignments Planet there are numbers of highly qualified professionals’ dissertation writers, biographers, novelists, journalists, copywriters, etc. according to the `labour statistics’ in the UK. The majority of writers are self-employed, and most writers choose to write on the computer, there is very strong competition for online writing jobs. But there are some career requirements to become writers.

  • The minimum degree level should be a bachelor’s degree.
  • Their field must be English, journalism, or communication, etc.
  • Experience level must b 1-5 years of technical writers.
  • They have strong verbal or written communication skills.
  • They must be creative and well known about software knowledge, blogging, or programming.

Assignments Planet company employs according to their specific requirements, writers at least bachelors in majors like English, communication or journalism, etc. also the writer must be persuasive and creative to answer the asked question fully. The only native writers we welcome at our platform.

Degrees and Programs for Writers

All the writers at Assignments Planet are surely of high standard, masters and PhD from notorious universities of UK. Not only the academic education our writers concentrate their extra efforts in passing the following writing levels:

Certificates Level

Certificates in writing are a short-term program to get writing skills, information and introduction about basic rules of writing and styles, and teach students how to write for different level audiences, a certificate includes different curriculum in professional development programs. As these areas include different types of writings, this certificate course consists of at least 5 to 8 classes.

Associate Degree Level

The associate degree program focus on the industry-academic program. It provides students verbal or practical knowledge both, its transition into the entry-level program, it consists of typically 60 to 65 credit hours which is almost complete in two years with the full study. This program designed to improve student creativity and build them writing proficiencies, so they can be easily professional writers.

Bachelor’s Degree Level

The Bachelor’s program consists of 4 years, it requires full-time study and gives the student the exposure of education classroom and course outline in their choose field. The most common subjects in bachelors are English literature, composition, and creative writing, these degrees give multiple ways to the students to lead works as a writer.

There are some majors in the writing at the bachelor’s level.

  • Literature

The major blend of writing study is literature, it has different elements of writing for example fiction, expository, novel writing, in the coursework it includes also contemporary English and American literature, with this program student learn how to analyse critically writing texts, and they attend workshops to improve their writing.

  • Composition

The composition is the major fundamental professional writing which is required in different career platforms, in this curriculum student learn business writing, grammar, language, and overview of composition, also it develops student talent in writing, editing, and research.

  • Creativity

Creativity covers many genres of writing such as fiction, non-fiction, child and young literature, poetry, scripting. It integrates the theory of experimental practice in writing, it prepares the student to professionally choose the opportunities as the writer, and allow the student to gain experience in the real world.

Master’s Degree in Writing

The Master’s degree program of writing includes, masters of arts in composition, it emphasizes the writing for arts in literature, like masters in creative writing, masters in professionals writing, masters in fine arts, it consists of two years with full-time study. There are many thesis and projects we need to complete in masters.

  • Composition and rhetoric

It covers academic and professionals writing in broadly and help to research in methodology, it developed the student literacy skills, composition and written and verbal communication, student choose their profession as a writer after completing their graduation.

  • Creative and professional writing

In this program, the student concentrates on their studies by fiction, non-fiction, poetry writing. In classrooms, they get instruction in theory, they attend writing workshops, and in professional writing, the student starts their career in writing for government, business, and industry positions, it covers grant writing, development policies. And other forms of writing workplaces.

Steps to qualify Assignments Planet’s test for becoming a professional writer:

Step1. Earn degree

The writer must have a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or communication to start a career with ASSIGNMENTS PLANET company, these programs focus on different areas, the person who has writing ability or still undergraduate it needs technical writing training in a specific field.

Make portfolio, even the new writers need to show their work samples what they have done, in the portfolio, you can add writing you did in an internship, or local paper, also you can present samples of your college or university projects.

Writers need learning of electronic publication, in online publications writers demand are high, writers always continue their learning to produce online content.

Step 2: Gain experience in writing

Most writers start their writing career with small publications, they need more hard work and experience to take chance for big organisations, like journalist started with newspapers and reach to magazines,  companies prepare the experienced technical writers in their fields.

Assignments Planet company checks all the availability of academic writers and their qualification when you place the order, the company always try to meet your requirements, they make sure all the basic requirements of writers in very low cost. If you have a unique and complicated topic our writers try to cope with it with all their experience and researches. Just trust us we will give you extraordinary qualified and professional essay writers, dissertation writers and assignment writers service.