Coronavirus Attack in Big City

Corona Virus

Coronavirus in Big City: Is It Possible to Avoid Infection?

Coronavirus has been detected on all continents except Antarctica, and recently for the first time began to spread outside of China faster than domestically. In large and densely populated cities, the prospect of an outbreak is a very real danger.

Here are some of the tricks that make life in the city safer.

Public Transport:

Public transport is an ideal medium for spreading the virus. Viruses are transmitted by airborne droplets — through very small droplets of saliva that we throw into the air when we sneeze or cough.

According to several studies, people who use public transportation during outbreaks of flu get sick six times more often. That is why authorities in many countries from South Korea to Iran are ordering to clean surfaces in public transport – in trains, buses and at stops.


Crowded events, such as sports, increase the risk of infection. In many countries they are already being cancelled due to coronavirus.

Due to Covid-19, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Shanghai was cancelled.

Postponed six football matches of the Asian Champions League – this affected the schedule of four Iranian teams.

In Europe, rugby and football matches were postponed, in which Italian teams were to take part.

But the most serious delay may be the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Games should begin on July 24th.

So far, only a marathon with an Olympic torch has been postponed, but the IOC does not exclude the cancellation of games if the outbreak of the coronavirus turns into a pandemic.

Coronavirus also touched on several religious events. Saudi Arabia temporarily prohibited pilgrims from entering Mecca and Medina.


Governments around the world are encouraging primary and secondary schools to change their mode of operation to reflect the outbreak of coronavirus.

In Japan, Thailand, Iran, and Iraq, all educational centres like schools and universities were temporarily closed due to the virus infection. In Britain and the USA, the government does not recommend closing schools.

Parents who have recently visited with children in countries where the coronavirus has spread widely are advised not to leave home and not send their children to school within two weeks.


Coronavirus affects the work of companies in the most technologically advanced countries and regions. A state of emergency was declared in San Diego and San Francisco – office workers are advised not to shake hands with office visitors.

The U.S. Centres for Disease Prevention and Control encouraged companies to motivate employees to work remotely, especially if they have a fever or a respiratory infection.


People need to understand the importance of simple procedures, such as washing their hands properly – this is very important for the effective fight against coronavirus, US health officials say.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends:

  • Wash hands regularly
  • Do not sneeze or cough without covering your mouth and nose.
  • Avoid contact with people with symptoms of SARS
  • As well as with wild or farm animals


There are no vaccines for coronavirus yet. The main objective of hospitals is to combat the complications of infection. Health facilities are advised to isolate patients and make sure staff wear protective clothing. Authorities in the United States and Britain believe that if the outbreaks increase, there will be a shortage of places in hospitals.


In Britain, citizens who come from infected regions are asked to isolate themselves. The Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, remains isolated, as are parts of northern Italy.

Experts, however, believe that when the coronavirus spreads around the world, such measures will lose their effectiveness. Moreover, not everywhere they can be implemented.

“Very few countries can block an entire city, as China did,” Tom Johns by, director of the Johns Hopkins Health Center, recently tweeted.

“Such blockages are always associated with the danger of separation of families, with the fact that people can stop reaching medicines, as well as food and the most necessary things.”

“They can interfere with the movement of doctors, nurses and supplies between hospitals, as has already happened in China,” he wrote.

This is a real alarming situation for an entire world which not only threaten but prevailing with a great speed thus destructed the entire economic system as well as increasing the death rate. It is a humble request to all the people kindly, do not panic and keep yourself isolated and take care of the precautions given by WHO properly and pray that May God destroy this virus.