Nursing Reflective Summary Assignment

Nursing Reflective Summary Assignment

Nursing is the noble profession, it has many challenges to adjust in the nursing environment. While writing the nursing reflective summary assignment, I want to identify some strategies that are applied when facing challenges as a graduate nurse, these are very important strategies to manage the nursing environment. When we are discussing these strategies we will indicate the personal experience in placement, and also will utilise supportive evidence.

In the first year of the nursing program, there were encountered many self-management challenges, the problem of fear was faced in first-year nurses, these feelings come from the chang of situations in practical experience and implementations of theoretical understanding of the concept. There are lots of goals in healthcare institutions and training, to ensure that all nursing professionals achieve self-medication goals. The Australian commission deals with the safety and quality standards in healthcare and to evaluate and focus the goal of self- medication management.

The nursing summary is a reflective assignment that developed the key to transferable skills. Some issues related to my personal learning and I overview with my training teachers. I will identify the areas of future development and learn how to address them. Because of this, I can improve my personal and professional development.

The UK students spent lots of time to think of things they had done and what they have to do with their experiences, to progress nursing. These thoughts become guidelines and reflections to improve in the future.

The graduate nurses made medical errors just because of inadequate training and lack experience in clinical matters, nurses who are a mage medical error is a concern because it can lead to the death of patients, nurses who make medical errors are punished to disciplinary actions, sometimes they cancelled their licences. These are the reasons for reflective nursing assignment writing.

Challenge in Medical Supervision

The big challenge is supervision in medication during the time of nursing. The new nurses should need to be trained and guided in the new environment and ensure that they fit appropriately learns to be scaled up the ladder, guidance is very important because a new nurse feeling confused and faced the lack of self-confidence when the situation is diverse in extream cases. Because they are still taking their studies, sometimes they feel isolated and low self-esteem because they don’t have a guideline about to conduct the medication. These errors happen just because of feeling anxiety and stress during perform their duties.

Pharmaceutical Knowledge

Another challenge that are facing nurses is lack of pharmaceutical knowledge, during the training in the university nurses got pharmaceutical knowledge, but the knowledge of diagnosis usually change when the nurse is worked as a graduate nurse. The availability of evidence-based practices in the nursing profession is limited, the clinical experience of the graduate nurse is a boost when proper placement of pharmaceutical knowledge will diagnose.

Improvement strategies to handle these challenges

Devotion to the Policies and Procedures

the main strategy is to put devotion in nursing policies and procedures in line with placement practice. Self-medication management programs can be achieved, if this police properly discussed with graduate nurses it will be helpful for them to know the location of devices in the hospitals, and ensure they are correctly following these procedures.

And also they will properly be trained about the understanding of self-medication management. These nurses will take clarification with these strategies especially when they are facing difficulties with unknown medication. These strategies also are applied by the monthly index of medical specialities, the MIMS is provided a proper description in detail and nurse will easily able to understand what contradictions will arise when the particular medication is administered, also they will easily learn the side effect of this medication.

Implementation of Technologies

In the nursing environment, the implementation of technologies will be very helpful in the mitigation of medical errors by graduate nurses. Now technology plays an important role in healthcare. It makes improvement of efficiency in workplace and nurse working duties, when the nurse will train that how to use these technologies then gain confidence and reduce their stress while medication that medical errors and also promotes self-governance. By using these technologies the nurse will easily check the patient identification, procedures, and medications.

After discussion the nursing difficulties and their solutions we will discuss the reflective nursing assignment summary

What Nursing Assignment should Tell about

People say it is not easy to pass a nursing school admission because there is a high demand for specialities to train and lack of nurses because nursing schools looking for extraordinary students who can contribute their role in the healthcare field.

Before writing a reflective nursing assignment you have to clear this first, nurses require dedication and strong philosophy it can be stressful, and you have to ensure about your choice.

How to Begin with Your Nursing Reflective Assignment

First, find and get the ideas from several nursing assignments, you will many students are using the same articles and same boring stories they do not try to be creative and impressive at all.

It is the biggest mistake to repeat the same stories, they talk more about common errors in nursing assignments, you have to avoid it and keep on reading, looks nursing assignments samples and make your reflective nursing assignment career boost and different.

Base on a True Story

Think about any situation from your past clinical career, which you’re nursing reflective assignment will be based on. Describe that situation, what did happen and how it impacts on you, and demonstrate a more complete understanding of that situation, and show in your assignment that what happened and help to make the right decision in any critical situation, this skill every nurse should have.

Write a Personal Story

The main process is to describe your feeling, how you handle how you feel in that situation, and explain how you care about that situation, it is a good way to show how devoted you were.

Value the Situation

Another part of writing a reflective nursing assignment it to value and evaluate your situation, how valuable this experience for you? How you contribute your professional and personal emotions? Self-development is an important area of the professional nurse, and show your capabilities that you have.

Choose the Right Efforts

It is important for the student to concentrate the story with the nursing profession, make sure the story rotates on you, not other patients or nurses, you have to be sure to write about personal experience. You should tell your lessons what you learned and how it helped you to become a good nurse.


I demonstrated my learnings for beginner to advanced of nursing, I also explain my personal and professional experiences and studies, it creates confidence and more learning skills every day. Reflective learning will not only improve your personal or professional development also the quality of care also it helps to close between theory and practice of reflective nursing.