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Understanding the Concept of Philosophy

Philosophy is a science that uses logic, methods, and systems to study general and fundamental problems regarding various issues, such as; knowledge, reason, mind, existence, and language.

Another opinion says that the meaning of philosophy is wisdom of life (philosophy) to provide a holistic view of life-based on reflections on life experience and scientific experience. In other words, in philosophy there is no experiment, but it presents the exact problem, seeks a solution, and provides an argument for the solution.

Etymologically, the term ‘philosophy’ comes from Greek, namely philosophia and philoshophos. Philo means love, while shopia or shopos means wisdom, knowledge and wisdom. So in this case, the notion of philosophy is several ideas that are full of wisdom and knowledge.

Understanding Philosophy According to Experts

To better understand what philosophy is, we can refer to the following expert opinions:

  1. Aristotle

    According to Aristotle, the notion of philosophy is science that includes truths that contain metaphysics, rhetoric, logic, ethics, economics, politics and aesthetics (beauty philosophy)

  2. Cicero

    According to Cicero, philosophy is the ‘mother’ of all arts (the mother of all arts) and is the art of life

  3. Plato

    According to Plato, the meaning of philosophy is a science that tries to attain knowledge of the true truth

Characteristics of Philosophy

A logician named Clarence I. Lewis said that philosophy is a process of reflection from the workings of the intellect which in its process contains various activities. The characteristics of philosophical thought are as follows:

  1. Universal

    Philosophical thought tends to be universal (general) and not related to specific objects. For example thoughts about humans, justice, freedom, and others

  2. Not Factual

    In this case, not factual is something speculative by making various reasonable assumptions about a thing, but without proof, because it has exceeded the limits of scientific facts

  3. Relating to Value

    According to CJ Ducasse, understanding philosophy is a human effort to seek knowledge, in the form of facts called valuations. In this case the assessment in question is good and bad, immoral and immoral, where finally philosophy becomes an effort to maintain values

  4. Related to Meaning

    Referring to point 3, something that has value certainly has meaning. That is why philosophers create various logical and appropriate (scientific) sentences, so that their ideas are full of meaning

  5. Implicative

    Philosophical thinking has always had implications (consequences), so it is hoped that new ideas will be able to give birth to a dynamic and intellectual life

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Find out the Branches of Philosophy Students Enrolled and need Assistance:

In general, experts divide the field of philosophy into several branches or sections. The branches of philosophy are as follows:

  1. Epistemology

    Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that discusses knowledge. For example; origin, validity, methodology, form or structure, which together shape human knowledge (Indonesian Encyclopedia)

  2. Metaphysics

    Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that treats with the analytical process of the fundamental nature of existence and the associated reality. The study of metaphysics generally pivots on fundamental questions regarding the existence and traits that encompass the reality under study (Wikipedia)

  3. Logic

    Logic (logike episteme) is a branch of philosophy that studies the skills in thinking in an orderly, straight, and precise manner (Wikipedia)

  4. Ethics

    Ethics is a branch of philosophy studying the norms or rules that are used as guidelines for behaving in society related to good and bad nature

  5. Aesthetics

    Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that studies and discusses beauty, how beauty can be formed, and how beauty can be realised and felt by humans

  6. Philosophy of Science

    Philosophy of science is a branch of philosophy that studies and answers various questions related to the nature of science, and the application of various philosophical methods in an effort to find the root of the problem and find the principle of reality in question by the field of science to get clarity

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