Write Assignments Like a Pro: Complete Guide

Assignment Writing Guide


Writing special assignments, especially at the high school or university level, is definitely a challenging task for students. Many students try their best and still make inevitable mistakes, such as repetition. You may express some ideas in an assignment and repeat the same in another, just because you have forgotten about mentioning them earlier. Another common problem that students face is that they sometimes contradict their own views in different pieces of writing. Other issues include sentence structure, weight, and flow of the assignment.

Some assignments written by students lack a logical approach and a connection between sentences. All these factors have a combined impact on the effectiveness of the article or assignment that you have written. It is better to be careful about these mistakes and minimise them as much as possible. For this purpose, students can hire a professional assignment writing service from Assignments Planet, which provides highly professional assignment writing services along with other perks. Here we have presented some tips for students who want to write their assignments by themselves but lack the skill required. This will help you improve your assignment writing to a great extent.

Reading and Researching:

Before writing an assignment, make sure you have done enough reading of the relevant learning and resource material. Start by thoroughly reading all the guidelines provided to you regarding your work so that you do not make a mistake later. Apart from that, read the material available in your course about the assignment. You can also look for relevant reading material available on other sources to get the most authentic and adequate information to support your argument.

Time Management:

Time management is one of the most crucial factors to keep in mind while writing an assignment. It can really make or ruin your assignment. To start, check the deadline to calculate how much you have got to get your task done. When you have the correct determination of the time frame, you can allocate it efficiently to make the most of it. This is a rule that all professionals follow. Break down the total you have got into small chunks for all the necessary tasks you need to do for the writing assignment.

By this, you will find it easier to complete the job within the assigned time and without facing any haphazard kind of situation. Give yourself mini-deadlines for completing small tasks associated with assignment writing. For this purpose, you can use your mobile phone or tablet to set reminders to not waste your time unnecessarily. Also, allocate time for rechecking the final draft and making alterations if required. Be realistic while making your timetable so that you can easily follow it and see visible improvements.

Assignment Structure:

Before writing the draft, it is vital to design the structure of your assignment. It will save your assignment from being vague or uninteresting for the readers. Moreover, they will find it easy to comprehend, which is the most important objective of writing a good assignment. The basic structure consists of an introduction, the main body including your key arguments and supporting shreds of evidence, recommendations if any, and finally, the conclusion. You should plan first what to write in all the parts mentioned above. You can use sticky notes to help you with the organisation of your key points. Organise your ideas according to your planned structure, and you will see how much your burden will be eased.

Meaningful Introduction:

The introduction of your assignment is the first thing that will get readers’ attention and help them decide whether or not to read the whole piece of writing. Make sure your introduction contains all the necessary points that are required to familiarise your readers with the ideas and arguments later presented in the assignment.

Your introduction should neither be too short that it does not even explain the necessary details, nor should it be too long that you lose significant word count in the introduction and only. Avoid repeating the same idea again and again in the introduction. Make it precise and concrete. Do not include detailed arguments in the introductory part. Instead, have only enough information to serve the purpose.

Breakdown the Assignment:

Suppose you have to write a detailed and lengthy assignment as an assignment. In that case, you might face the challenge of binding the ideas all together in a way that preserves their meaningfulness along with effectively presenting all the pictures. You may have to add different arguments in your assignment that, despite being interrelated, are different.

It is better to break down your assignment into minor subheadings for presenting your arguments in such a case. Write them as a separate piece of writing so that they have all elements of a good assignment in them. Each paragraph would have a short introductory and concluding sentence to sum up, the idea presented in the text. After that, you can simply combine all those headings in an impressive, professional-looking assignment. The arrangement of those subheadings is of great importance, as they will connect the readers with the arguments presented in the assignment.


Just like the rest of the assignment, conclusion is also of great importance. It is crucial to captivate readers by the spellbound of impressive and effective write-up and make them leave with the same feeling. Your conclusion should not represent a hurry or unexpected forceful ending by just stuffing all the ideas, thinking that conclusion is not that important. For a better conclusion, summarise all the ideas presented in the assignment along with supporting pieces of evidence if required to help readers revise them. You can also add your personal analysis or recommendations in conclusion according to the need of the topic.

Similarly, like the introduction, be careful about the length of the conclusion. Do not make it too long or too short. It should be enough to conclude your ideas efficiently without dragging them unnecessarily. Another important point to remember while writing a conclusion is not introducing any new concept or issue. The purpose of the conclusion is to summarise your ideas, so limit its use to that only. Any further ideas can harm the effectiveness of the entire assignment.

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