Dissertation Writing and Referencing

Dissertation Writing and Referencing

The dissertation is specific writing by a student on a topic of his choice as guided by a tutor. It’s the part of the final degree of students and to get reasonable marks in finals, you have to prepare a well-structured dissertation.

To write the best dissertation, you have to follow a basic structure first to impress the reader. The dissertation can be used to evaluate writing for your research skills in the academic field, and you appear more capable of performing research on a specific topic by writing a dissertation.

There is an appropriate structure for writing a dissertation.

Research the Topic

For your dissertation writing, you have to do a lot of research on the topic to assemble quantitative and qualitative data for your subject of research. It aids you in writing comprehensively about your topic of interest. You can get help from different books, news, magazines, journals and internet resources to get reliable information on the topic. You can get online help from Assignments Planet to collect ideas and structure overviews.

Structure of the Dissertation

There is always a formal structure to follow for dissertation writing, or you can seek guidance from your instructor. You can get an idea of the basic structure of the dissertation from our experts too.

Title of Dissertation

Firstly, you have to choose a topic of your interest in which you can write ideas and perform research. You should write a title in the form of a statement. It might be a question that is asked in research. After writing the title statement, you should write a background of the title or question in the summarised method to give a slight idea of a topic to the reader.


The summary of your topic can be written with precise manners to narrate all your research work and the heart of your dissertation. You should never write your research methods in detail here. You are supposed to write the aim, objectives and purposes of the research work with probable findings of your research.


The introduction may be the last part of your dissertation, but you have to write the introduction first. In the introduction, you write your topic overview by describing a little about the topic. Then you should describe your aims and goals of the research. Moreover, you should tell the reader how you perform all research work.

Main Body

You should write your literature overview, methodology and research details in the main body. It may be written in 3 to 4 paragraphs or pages depending on you. Here you ought to write your research procedures in detail. How do you carry out the entire research and how much time you took to find the data and information to write your dissertation? While writing the main body avoids going off the topic and does not add anything irrelevant to your research.


You must write your findings and results in concluding statements that should be concise and summarised to end your dissertation.


In referencing, you cite or quote the sources from where you take data or information for your research work.

You ought to convey the exact source of information to the reader, so he can assess your findings at the same time to give you a high credit.

To avoid plagiarism or copywriting issues you are supposed to give citations so that no other author or writer can object to your ideas when your dissertation is published by the university or checked by the tutor.

There is a variety of methods to give citations to your dissertation.

  • Name of the author of the work
  • Topic of work
  • The kind of source from where you take information (journal, book, webpage).
  • Date of the issue of source
  • Volume number or page number to facilitate the reader for checking the source


  • Always try to use a systematic and organised referencing style for your dissertation. It will help you give references to accurate resources and will help your reader to get access to your sources in less time as well as in a sequence
  • You can use any software if you have tons of information you have taken from different resources. There are much software to help you in referencing your dissertation in a more ordered way
  • Always go for an MLA format that is a typical format of referencing and dissertation writing. It would increase your grades and impression for the reader. However, avoid referencing from unknown resources and do not give wrong references it will cause trouble for you and tutor

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