Dissertation: How to Write a Non-Plagiarised Dissertation


Dissertation and Its Significance

The dissertation is an organised piece of writing which is a response to a thesis. It tests your ability to research. The dissertation includes an abstract, a detailed introduction with appropriate methodology with results and conclusion. In social sciences and humanities it is considered as a final writing of study done throughout the course because it demonstrates that student is capable to identify his/her own interest,  traverse a subject in depth, work on a suitable question with proper research tools.

It has also seen as a way to prove your studies in your discipline. Although dissertation writing is the most complex work of research student do as a thesis. Due to which, it is the most extensive work for candidates to plan, research and write, however the results are fruitful, but the student might go through various hurdles to get the end.

Writing an appropriate dissertation helps to open up the doors for future research because it exhibits mature thinking, it introduces a new concept for others in the future. Moreover, it creates a great impact on jury or committee members as it explains your intellectual capability with logical and analytical skills.

A clear, brief, constructed and well planned thesis will get complete attention from readers from your institution across an international platform. The research you do in your thesis will display your intellectual sophistication to the readers.

Dissertation and Plagiarism

Plagiarism is executed when you present the writing of someone else as your own, that copying the exact wordings from any existing source such as from an article, or from a newspaper etc. It can be as concise as three words in a row or as lengthy as an entire dissertation. Apart, from copy and paste it diminishes the scholarly process. Your thesis should be original and unique that gives new concepts in your field of study.

Plagiarising your dissertation will take you in serious danger, might be you will be expelled from your university or may be your research project and thesis will be rejected. Many candidates do not able to write an original writing piece as a thesis, so they try to copy from different websites, while the World Wide Web make it easier to copy and paste and prove it as your own.

Even it takes a few seconds to plagiarise the information from several sources but with this, internet also made a child’s play for teacher to inquiring minds of their students that websites like Turnitin a plagiarism make very simple to detect the content originality, even they reveal the source from where the content has been copied.

To avoid accidental plagiarism in your dissertation, quotation marks and parentheses should be marked. To keep your dissertation original you may rephrase the content in your own words. In general, a dissertation should include your own thoughts and insights about your topic, question and field of study. The candidate must work hard to write a dissertation as it is the most important writing piece considered as a masterpiece for completing the research in undergraduate, Masters and PhD.

Dissertation Help UK

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Tips to Write a Non-Plagiarised Dissertation

While writing your dissertation follow these simple steps to non-plagiarised and unique research papers

RESEARCH: When you get the topic, try to research on it as much as you can as it is black and blue important to have sufficient information about the topic you are writing on. Use every possible source, for instance, read articles regarding the topic, search on websites to get great information. Furthermore, try to read newspaper and others documents on the topic. So you can gather adequate information to write your own distinctive dissertation.

PARAPHRASE: After collecting relevant information, read it and rephrase it in your own words. Ensure that you are not copying the content because that will create plagiarism in your writing, use quotation marks where ever needed to quote your work properly.

CITATION: It is one of the most important ways to avoid plagiarism in your thesis that always follow the guideline given by your institution to format your writing piece, In addition to it write the page number and paragraph number when you include cited material in your writing.

REFERENCING: Referencing your text when ever quoted from any other source is one of the best way to avoid plagiarism. Write the page number with the source at the bottom of your write-up.

RECHECK: Before finalising your work recheck it by reading again, take a proofread from your tutor to ensure that your thesis is properly composed and cited. Additionally, you can download an application from an internet such as write check or plagiarism to check your content originality and plagiarism.

A student have to work academically and non academically altogether, but for writing he/she must have a relax and healthy environment with operative sources to write properly or else the excessive load of work and activities will create mistakes and mishaps in the dissertation and may lead to plagiarism.

By following all of these step’s candidate will be able to write up the best, unique and non-plagiarised dissertation by his/her own and can get a final check from Dissertation Help UK to make their dissertation error-free.

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“Finish your dissertation, don’t let it finish you.” (Joane Broder Sumerson)