Impact Of Latest Technologies On Daily Lifestyle

Impact Of Latest Technologies On Daily Lifestyle

Over the past few years, technology has grown tremendously and become part and parcel of our lives. It has undoubtedly taken over our lives such that it seems impossible to imagine a life without technology. The continuous advancement in the latest technologies adds more and more comfort and ease to our daily lives. It would not be wrong to say that they have completely revolutionized our lifestyles positively and negatively.

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Positive Impact Of Latest Technologies

Following are the ways how technology has improved daily lifestyle.

Ease Of Communication

Technology has transformed the way how we used to communicate. It has added several inventions to facilitate communication with reduced time and added efficiency. Modern devices and software programs allow users to efficiently connect with their friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and partners. Efficient communication effectively transfers information that fuels all other formal and informal activities. Over time, experts have added affordability to modern devices and improved performance.

During the pandemic, modern means of communication enabled the wheel of the economy to move by connecting people with each other. With the nationwide lockdown, offices were shut down. At that time, video and conference calls bridged the gap in communication created due to social distancing. The same happened in education, where Zoom proved to be a savior for continuing education.

Comfortable Shopping

Earlier, people could not imagine buying shoes without testing them on their feet. With the popularity of the latest technologies, online shopping has become a norm rather than a trend. Now you can shop for almost everything from clothes to shoes and books to groceries, sitting on your couch. You can even compare prices, read reviews, and avail of discounts to get the best deals.

There is much more to online shopping in the form of buying different services such as online assignment writing services. There are several platforms to facilitate the trading of services similar to online stores for trading products. Online payment modes have contributed to the revolution in online shopping to a great extent. People now complete the whole buying process with some clicks through their smartphones, laptops, or other gadgets.

Access To Information

One of the most valuable benefits of the latest technologies is the ease of access to information. There is no longer the need to search through different books or go to libraries to learn about things. Now, people have access to the pool of information within a few clicks. It has made life easier for students, business people, and individuals.

Better Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the basic rights of every human, and experts have been making efforts to improve healthcare facilities for people. Latest technologies have enabled tracking health easy and convenient for users. Fitness apps allow people to improve their health and fitness at their homes and track their performance regularly. They have features such as reminders and alerts to help you record your fitness plan.

Besides apps and programs, technology has also facilitated the efficient diagnosis of diseases and better treatment. From testing to treatment, technology has been playing an efficient role.

Flexible Working Routine

The traditional 9-5 office-based jobs have become an outdated idea nowadays. With the help of the latest technologies, the concept of work from home has been trending. People now have flexible working routines at their convenience. It has enabled people to earn some extra cash by working part-time jobs. Women and students make the most of this by generating some income to meet their routine expenditures.

Flexible working hours also lead to better employee productivity and performance. They can maintain a work-life balance effectively. Remote working allows companies to hire the best talent across geographical borders and benefits workers to get better employment opportunities.

Negative Impact Of Latest Technologies

On the one hand, latest technologies have made life easier, on the other hand, they have created many harmful impacts.

Poor Physical Health

With the aid of the latest technologies, most of the manual tasks have now become automated. This has reduced physical effort for people, and now they can do most of their work while sitting on their couch. The decreased physical activities lead to several health issues, among which obesity tops the list. Children feel tired with minimum physical activity, and the same is the case with adults. Instead of regular exercise every morning, people tend to wake up and turn to their electronic gadgets. It also results in poor posture among them.


Among the latest technologies, the handiest are mobile phones that are directly or indirectly connected with other technologies also for operating them. Focusing on a digital screen for a longer period of time can lead to severe eyestrain. It usually begins with sore eyes, blurry vision and eye dryness. A person may develop an eye infection or suffer from weak eyesight in severe conditions. This can lead to serious issues among children from a young age.

Anxiety And Depression

Excessively surrounding yourself with technology or constantly staying active on social media platforms can result in increased anxiety and depression among users. Although it is not the same experience for all, the majority of people who had negative interactions on social media suffered from low self-esteem and increased self-consciousness. People usually fall prey to the unrealistic world of social media and compare themselves with it. This can cause severe depression among them.


Nowadays, people have become isolated despite having hundreds of friends and connections on different social media platforms. They like to spend time alone, surrounding themselves with technology rather than people. This anti-social behaviour creates several problems for them in society and hinders their personal and professional growth. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem have become common issues among children and adults.

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