Write a Goal in the Abstract


Abstract writing is not a much difficult task if you know the techniques well. For writing an abstract you have topic, complete information written in your dissertation, further-sleight of hand and no magic. But still some students feel difficult in writing dissertation abstract. The dissertation, like the rest of the student work, requires competent design.

In this blog we will explain the best ways to write your basic goals in abstract. But if you want an online dissertation help then you can contact us and hire our expert writers to write your abstracts or even complete dissertation for you.

Let us start with the introductory part, correct structure, current topic, unique content, conclusion and, of course setting goals and objectives- these are the elements one must consider in order to write abstract perfectly. Do not worry at all if you are weak in writing your abstract, this article will surely help you to finish your essay with perfect abstract describing your goals and objectives in a proper and a clear way.

How to write an abstract goal: rules and example

Any dissertation depends on the topic. If your topic is composed correctly then you will surely have no problem for setting up your goals and objectives. To understand well the difference between them, it is essential to know how to correctly write your goals and other tasks in the abstract.

  • The goal is what you want to achieve as a result of research
  • Tasks are those specific sub-goals with which you achieve a common goal

The goal should be general, very concise and clear, and must be achievable. Tasks are a kind of sub-goals, which in no case should repeat the goal. A detailed plan is the key to successful dissertation writing.

In addition, the tasks must be specific. A detailed plan of action will help you set goals and objectives and correctly disclose them in the report.

How to write an abstract task: dependence on the goal

And now let’s consider a very important point: how to write goals and objectives in the abstract. Students often confuse these two concepts, which is unacceptable when writing any scientific student work, whether it be a term paper, abstract or diploma project. That is why it is so important to deal with these definitions.

“Goals are usually formulated with the following verbs: to analyse, summarise, describe, identify, explain “

For example, the goal of the work on the topic “Methods for investigating a volcanic crater” is as follows: “to summarise and briefly describe successful research methods for a volcanic crater”. As you see, the goal’s wording contains the name of the topic (it is also the object of research). Divide the target into sub-goals:

  • disclose the content of the concept of “methodology for the study of volcanic craters”
  • describe modern research techniques for volcanic craters
  • analyse the most successful ones

The purpose of the dissertation is a problem that the author solves while writing the dissertation. Tasks are a kind of steps, sub-goals, after which the author finds a solution to the problem.

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Where to write goals and objectives in the abstract: a sample

The goal and objectives are located in the introduction (introduction). We draw your attention to the fact that in the introduction we prescribe the goal and objectives, in the main part we disclose them using the selected methods, and in conclusion we necessarily issue a verdict: was the goal achieved?

Object and subject of research

For the formulation of goals and objectives, it is essential to explain the object of subject research. The object is a scientific field, and the subject is its component. These concepts should not be confused as well as the concepts of goals and objectives – this is a serious mistake.

Goals and objectives: their number in the abstract

A frequent question for those who write the dissertation is: “How many goals and tasks should be written in the dissertation ?” If the work is small, then one goal and two or three tasks are enough.

If the abstract is voluminous, then a larger number can be prescribed. This issue is best solved with the teacher.

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