AI Writers Cannot Beat Professional Essay Writers

AI Writers Cannot Beat Professional Essay Writers

The trend of AI writing tools has been surging since their introduction a few years back. It includes tools that are powered by Artificial Intelligence or AI. These tools have brought a revolution in content writing by providing users with unique content about any topic within a few minutes. Students are also inclined towards them for doing their assignments, homework and essays, but the question that arises here is whether the AI tools are as proficient as professional essay writers UK or not and creates a battle between essay writer jobs and essay writing AI tools.

There is an abundance of AI writers on the internet, including paid and free versions, but they cannot beat the level of excellence of professional writers such as those of Assignments Planet. Our writers have a high level of proficiency with the finest creativity and essay writing skills that allow them to write top-quality essays.

Why AI Writers Can’t Beat Professional Writers?

Following are the reasons why professional essay writers have the edge over content writing tools employing Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Lack Of Empathy

Essay writing involves a lot of creativity, sense and immersion into emotions for many topics to make them attractive to readers. They are more likely to read a complete essay when they feel a connection with the writer’s thoughts expressed in the essay. Especially if you are writing about a social issue and need to grab readers’ attention right from the beginning, an artificially generated opening paragraph might not help you. For a strong start and end, you will need to get help from a professional writer.

Lack Of Creativity

AI tools are programmed to search for ideas through several web pages and craft content for the users. They can generate content for as many words as you want with the help of content already present on the web. However, they cannot employ their creativity to craft meaningful sentences. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of using Artificial Intelligence or AI-powered tools.

Poor Structuring

An important characteristic that every good essay must have is the proper and logical structuring of sentences. Without it, an essay is not meant for readers, irrespective of the dozens of facts stuffed in it. It rather looks like a draft. AI tools might write an essay arranged in different paragraphs, but the transition between those paragraphs is usually missing. The add cohesion between sentences and paragraphs, human intervention has to come into action. Otherwise, the essay sounds excessively straightforward and robotic.

Risk of Plagiarism

The traces of plagiarism in a piece of academic writing make it lose its worth. It is not only an unethical act but also prohibited by instructors. Artificial Intelligence tools utilise their research features to search through content on the web to collect information, arrange it and present it in a meaningful form. Since it gets information from different sources, there is a high risk of plagiarism in the content drafted by such tools. This can lead you to great trouble if you use the content without passing it through a plagiarism detector. Students and other content users must be extremely careful to refrain from this.

Alternative to Artificial Intelligence Writers

Since artificial intelligence tools are not reliable enough to get your crucial work done, you must find the perfect alternative for them. The best alternative to such tools is for professional writers to offer their services through different platforms. There are several reasons for selecting a cheap essay writing service. They can cater to all the writing needs of humans that AI tools fail to fulfil.

How To Select The Best Professional Writers

Finding the best professional essay writers can become slightly complicated when you have multiple options available. Here are some tips to help you select the best writer for your work.


When you have several options available at your disposal, research extensively through them to analyse their value. It is better to rely on professional companies rather than individuals for more security and to refrain from scams. Make a list of top companies offering writing services and search through their websites to find out their features. Check out the details of their teams, including their level of expertise, experience, skills and prices. Compare the features to select the best available option.

Prefer Quality Over Price

When hiring a writer, affordability might be your biggest concern, and it is justified. You must not be spending excessively high sums of money to get work done frequently. Students usually do not have much money to spend on hiring expensive writers. But the factor more important than affordability is the quality of work. Do not fall prey to low-price offers that hide inexperienced writers. Check their sample work before deciding to ensure you will get value against your money.

Check Reviews

Reviews are a good source of learning about the services of an individual or organisation. Always check reviews to know about the truth behind their claims. See what customers say about their service.

Perks Of Hiring A Professional Writer

Following are the benefits you can enjoy from hiring a professional writer instead of using an AI tool.

  • A professional essay writer enhances the value of your essay with his creativity. The presentation of ideas in a unique style attracts readers to the essay.
  • A professional writer can take care of the emotional aspect of writing if required in an essay.
  • They are able to analyse the information and use it to draw conclusions rather than packing an essay with a bunch of facts.
  • Professional writers can put themselves in readers’ shoes to analyse how they would like to read the essay to connect with it.
  • They can use other mediums such as social media to get information and include it in the essays.

Final Thought

The current age is dominated by the applications of Artificial Intelligence or AI in several areas of life. People are afraid that AI might replace the need for human resources completely. The concern might be true to some extent, but some areas require human intelligence, creativity and expertise to function properly. One of them is essay writing, where AI writers cannot beat professional essay writers. Thus, they are the winner of the battle: essay writers vs AI tools.

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