All You Need to Know About Different Types of Essays

All You Need to Know About Different Types of Essays

Writing different types of essays is crucial for academic success. Essay writing is a compulsory requirement in school exams, standardized tests and college applications. According to the question’s requirements, picking the correct type of essay is also important. However there are numerous essays, and students sometimes get confused between essay types. This blog will help you understand the different types of essays.

What is an essay?

An essay is a long academic writing structure that convinces readers about a specific topic. The essay describes, discusses, and analyses the topic; it can be defined humorously or seriously, directly or indirectly. It can contain facts, information and personal opinions. Most essays are commonly written in the first or third person, but they can be written from any perspective.

The main idea of the essay is to convey information to the readers. You have to convince readers to be on your side by following different techniques and invoking an emotional response. That is why it is essential to choose the type of essay that is suitable to deliver your message to the readers. Here are a few types of essays that you can use in writing.

  1. Narrative essays: Narrative essays are like telling a story; most essays are written in this form. This type of essay permits you to practice your imagination and creativity. The questions in the narrative essay mostly ask about your personal experience with the topic. Such as your first day at a new school or a trip that you will never forget. In your narrative essay, you can include analogies, dialogues, metaphors, imagery, and alliteration. Your narrative essay should contain enough information to make the readers understand the story’s background. In the end, also summarize the essay to retrieve the important points from your essay.
  2. Expository essays: An expository essay means neutrally describing the topic. Teachers give expository essays to test the student’s knowledge regarding the subject. Make sure your expository essay should be based on facts and information instead of emotions, feelings and your personal opinions. How to manual and newspaper articles are examples of Expository essays. Your expository essay should contain an introduction with a thesis statement, a body to discuss the facts figures and information about the subject and the conclusion to summarize your essay. Expository essays have a few types.
  3. Descriptive essays: As the name suggests, descriptive essays fully describe your topic. It can be the place, events, things or even a person. Just like a narrative essay, a descriptive essay permits you to use creative techniques while composing. But you do not need to construct a story like in a narrative essay. Instead, the description of the matter of the subject. You can also use “show, do not tell” techniques to describe the sensory details, thoughts, and emotions to show the readers a clear picture instead of explaining.
    • Cause and effect essays: Cause and effect essays discuss why specific events cause another event. In these types of essays, students have to connect two events and describe how one event led to another. It is a type of expository essay, so the facts and figures are given to justify the points. Charles Darwin’s scientific theories led to the foundation of social science can be the topic of cause-and-effect essays.
    • Process essays: A process essay is a type of expository essay. These types of essays give instructions on how something works or how to do something. Process essays are written step by step in chronological order to keep them clear and organized.
    • Definition essays: A definition essay is also another type of expository essay. These essays define an idea or term. Definition essays mostly have complicated and conceptual topics to give in-depth clarification and examination. These essays are common in research and academic writing.
    • Compare and contrast essays: Compare and contrast essays cover two topics and talk about the similarities and contrasts between them. These types of essays contain an introductory paragraph, at least one similarities paragraph one dissimilarity paragraph and a conclusion to sum up the whole essay. For example, describing the similarities and differences between ants and wasps.

      4. Argumentative essays:

      Argumentative essays are used to persuade the readers to take a specific side depending on the given information. The important condition of the argumentative essay is that it should be based on facts rather than emotions. In order to convince the readers, you should provide fact-based arguments to support your stance. It requires deep research and information about the subject to construct a good argumentative essay. Students are required to gather information and facts about the topic and generate evidence to support their claims.

    • Persuasive essays: In persuasive essays, facts and emotions are used to convince readers to take the side of adopting an opinion. Persuasive essays include cause and arguments, supporting emotional and moral stances to connect with pursuers.

      5. Critical essays:

      The critical essay gives an inside investigation of the topic. Critical essays analyze and critique the subject. The common subjects of critical essays incorporate books, paintings, movies, and restaurants. Literature and humanities students must write critical essays to improve their critical thinking abilities and distinguish proof from a particular work that approves their perceptions. Facts are used to justify opinions in critical essays.

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