Argumentative Essay Writing Tips and Tricks


Introduction of Argumentative Essay

Firstly, you need to understand what argumentative essay is. How you can write an argumentative essay to impress the reader. It is an essay on some issues on which you debate about a particular topic. It is not an essay or writing on which you get into an emotional rant while discussing it like most of the politicians do nowadays. You must have to support your argument with some solid facts and it is not simple so much to present only your opinions about an issue and get them appreciated by others. While arguing you are supposed to give other arguments about that issue also and you just cannot reject the opposition points just due to your personal hate or preferences and you can only present opposite opinions along with realistic ground facts supporting your opinions. To know more about ab argumentative essay, you can consider Assignments Planet essay writing services.

Some Amazing Tips for Argumentative Essay

  • Select a Topic: If you are searching for different ideas for making your facts cleared then take them from TV shows, news channels, and analytical shows which particularly discuss all issues about politics, weather, economics, international relations, local issues, and human rights. You can pick any topic for hot debate and begin your journey of writing an argumentative essay
  • Prepare a Statement of Your Opinion: After you get one issue to discuss then just make an outline of a statement this will help you stay on your issue and you can present your opinions and can argue with others on that statement after researching that statement thoroughly
  • Research Your Topic: Now you can research your topic to collect relative information and facts about your opinion to make it more credible and grounded. You can take information from several resources like newspapers where editorials are quite beneficial to collect necessary debates on hot topics going around. Always keep it in mind that the other side also owns solid evidence to oppose your views so you should be prepared with all opposing facts. Try to find some realistic logics which may be proved winning for your arguments
  • Prepare an Outline: Now you should make an outline where you should write your supporting views and opposite views so that you can know how to face opposite opinions and how to make others reject opposite facts. You should write at least 3 to 4 arguments which are supportive of your opinions and you should also write facts about these arguments. Then compare with the list of opposite views and arguments. Make a strategy to outscore the arguments of the opponent with strong evidence
  • Structure Your Essay: To attract the reader it is very important to make a well-balanced structure of your essay. The structure makes your essay look sequenced and concise. You should write a first introduction, body paragraphs, and in the last conclusion. If you want to get a proper structure for your essay you can seek our services from Assignments Planet for argumentative essay writing services, cheap essay writing services, and proofreading services at reasonable rates
    • Introduction: The First part of the essay is the introduction of your topic. Here you can write the statement of a topic in a precise manner. Then you should briefly introduce the issue or topic about which you are going to make a debate. You can write a background of topic and reasons why you are discussing the particular issue and try not to present your arguments here because it’s the only introduction of your topic where you are presenting causes and incentives to discuss a specific issue
    • Body Paragraphs: It is the main and central part of an essay where you can write 3 or 4 body paragraphs. In this part, you are ought to present your arguments of topics with supportive facts or evidence along with opposite arguments of a topic. You should not write about your personal preferences or decisions here. Make sure that you are not writing a persuasive essay where you can write benefits or disadvantages. However, you are debating on one issue with supportive figures along with opposite opinions
    • Conclusion: In conclusion reiterate your opinions and solid points that you have convinced others on your arguments while presenting the backup evidence for your opinions

Some Useful Tricks

  • You should only go for the topics of your stronghold where you can provide conclusive evidence to support it. You can pick topics of your interest so that you may find it passionate to discuss it and you may not lose interest throughout the debate
  • Never try to put your emotions into it rather you can make the reader emotional while presenting some stirring facts or realistic arguments that can fold the soul of the reader
  • You should not humiliate the other side by showing disrespect or hate to the opposite side although your facts or evidence can prove opposition wrong only
  • First, present the opposite opinions on the issue in your essay. It may impress the reader while you are showing the wrong side first then you can show your opinions along with positive sides
  • Provide only concrete evidence to your opinions. Never try to make evidence because it is very easy to verify facts about an issue nowadays. It can entirely go wrong for you
  • If you want to ensure your reader about evidence then you should also give citations of sources from where you take the information
  • Your facts and pieces of evidence should be so gripping that the reader cannot deny these and they may win the game for you. This can be done when you take them from history, newspapers, journals, and magazines rather than just making your own or copying from someone others essay
  • You should always find some real logic for convincing your instructor. Your logic must be based on present-day findings and circumstances to win the game for you. Never put biased logic in your essay. Your essay should not be biased though argumentative
  • Try to make a strong opening by impressive statements and opinions which can attract the reader much efficiently
  • Before submitting the essay, you should always find a colleague to read and try to convince him first
  • Try to use simple and straightforward language for your arguments. It will be easier for the reader to understand and you can easily present your logic in simple and vivid language

These were some short tips and tricks to write a compassionate and irrefutable argumentative essay.

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