Expert Guide to Personal Narrative Essay

Expert Guide to Personal Narrative Essay


Writing a personal narrative essay is not a difficult task to write and work on. With helpful tips and tricks and guidance from the expert, you can ace in writing your personal narrative essay.

The first thing to address is to know what a narrative essay is? It is an essay which describes you well and gives you a chance to speak out your story in a clear, transparent and understandable way. It gives the opportunity to express your own self in a creative and moving way.

Personal Narrative Essay

Narrative essays consist of three types, anecdotal, personal and experiential. Today we will guide you about the type of personal narrative essay.

The personal narrative essay should be written in catching language and satisfying speed. One more thing students should keep in mind is that the personal narrative essay should be in an engaging tone so that the reader won’t get bored with reading your essay.

When a personal narrative essay is written, it’s not easy to write; there are some points and technicalities which shouldn’t get slipped out of mind else, your personal narrative essay won’t remain interesting. Moreover, a personal narrative essay requires you to concentrate on essential points of the information to be delivered and conveyed and also focus on including as many details as you can add to create and write an interesting narrative essay.

As the personal narrative essay is something in which you are writing and sharing information and events about yourself, it is usually written in the first person. However, it should be written and presented in such a manner that it would have and leave an emotional impact on the readers, make the usage of realistic, evocative and additionally give the imaginative details too. To make it impactful on the reader make sure that you take in and include emotions, and feelings and also back it up with lots of sensory perceptions.

Structure of the Essay

Moving on towards the structure of the essay Is when you have started writing the essay so initially on the opening of the essay you need to let the readers become aware of like what in the essay you will be unfolding, expressing your point. The reader should get a hint of the essence you will be mentioning.

Next is the important part of the essay, which is a body which has to be written down very clearly about your ideas, event and about how you feel about writing all this. This part should be structured in a good manner, and the story can be conveyed in proper sequential ways or can also be grouped and categorized by the importance of events.

The last paragraph or the concluding paragraph should wind up by mentioning what’s the point of writing the story like whether you have conveyed an idea or your experience or a moral.


Some of the additional expert’s guidance to write an interesting personal narrative essay is that try to write down your story in a flow there should be a connection, and it should be in an organized manner not scattered or in a disconnected way. Whatever the words you are going to use should be lively, and emotional and keep it short and precise so that reader could read them attentively most important try to use transitory words so that there would be connectedness in sentences.

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