Why Racism Should Never Be Encourage In The Society

Racism Should Never be Encouraged

One of the burning social issues currently facing the world is racism which has dire impacts on society. Humans are rightly termed as social animals since they cease to exist alone. They live in coordination with each other for their routine activities. In such a society, there should be no room for racism. Unfortunately, the reality is different from the desired situation, and we see the visible manifestation of racism in our societies nowadays.

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What is Racism?

The term racism represents the belief that humans have superiority over one another on the basis of their races. It gives rise to the division of society on racial foundations that usually have antagonizing feelings against each other. People having this belief consider their race better than others for having superior traits and characteristics. They think of themselves as worthy of more rights and respect than other races whom they consider inferior. This visible manifestation becomes the basis of several social issues, among which hatred, bullying, violence, and intolerant behaviour are common.

Why Do People Become Racists?

We look around ourselves and see racism prevailing everywhere from under developing to highly developed nations. What causes humans to become racists? Here are some of the factors explaining why humans are racists.

1. Peer Pressure

It might be hard to swallow, but peer pressure can impact how a person perceives himself and others around him. Several times, some people become racists only under the influence of people around them. When they spend more time in the gathering of racists, they gradually start altering their perceptions unintentionally. This way, they might slowly become racists without even realising it.

2. Self-interest

A shameful cause of increasing the visible manifestation of racism among people is people advancing their self-interest over other things, people, and beliefs. This was a root cause of racism in earlier times and seems influential nowadays also. Powerful nations suppress underdeveloped nations in the name of racism to exploit their resources and fulfil their self-interest objectives.

3. Media Misrepresentation

Media plays a vital role in our societies for the dissemination of information that results in shaping peoples’ views about different ideas. Many people might use the influence of media purely for their interest and promote negative representation of certain races. This misrepresentation might include presenting them as violent, uncivilised, uncultured, or oppressors to defame their image in the world. This results in a visible manifestation of racism among people who believe in the media blindly. Such people might develop negative feelings about other people and start discriminating against them on racial grounds.

4. Judgmental Approach

People usually exhibit judgmental behaviour towards other people and quickly develop their ideologies over a small incident. This habit of quick judgments leads them to develop misconceptions about people due to their lack of knowledge and hurry of judgements. If a person sees another person of a certain race robbing someone, he might quickly develop the idea that all people of that race are thieves. This misguiding approach results in distorting social values by promoting hatred against others.

Impact of Racism

The visible manifestation of racism is harmful to individuals and society. It not only affects victims but also other people in their community. The direct impact of such thoughts is on the physical and mental health of the victims and other members of society. More and more people face mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and undue stress. People are reluctant to express their ideas due to the fear of becoming a victim of peoples’ hatred.

To escape the stress and negative thoughts, people are inclined towards harmful activities such as drinking alcohol using cigarettes or drugs. All these things harm human health in the long run. It may lead to high blood pressure, poor immune system, and development of cardiovascular diseases. The victims of racism may also have insomnia that ultimately results in the poor physical health of individuals.

Why Racism Should Never Be Encourage In The Society

Racism is undoubtedly a visible manifestation of hatred and intolerance among people that must be stopped at any cost. Following are the effective ways, tips, strategies, and ideas to overcome racism successfully and make our society peaceful.

1. Acknowledge and Condemn

A common misbelief among people is that racism is only concerned with hate speech or violence against other races. It may take different forms, including discrimination, looking down upon others, and emotional abuse. You cannot fight racism unless you identify its different forms, even if they seem harmless to you. It is necessary to condemn any act of racism whenever you see it happening and try to educate people on the right behavior.

2. Call Out racist jokes

Any harsh idea presented under cover of jokes, humor, memes, or ridicule prevails easily and more quickly. You might consider yourself as anti-racist while enjoying jokes representing the visible manifestation of extreme racism. It is important to raise your voice against such posts and let others know that it is not fine to joke about serious issues. Try confronting the person spreading such posts without being aggressive. Let them know how it is harmful to society.

3. Build Strong Community relationships

People in society should live with love and brotherhood among themselves and discourage any negative feelings. It is important to build a sense of belongingness with their community and build strong relationships. Discourage any discrimination on a racial basis and treat all members as a single unit working collectively towards social development goals.

Bottom Line

Racism has been an issue prevalent in society for years. It is impossible to get rid of it overnight. All members of society must make determined and consistent efforts for the eradication of this social evil. Using huge social media platforms can help spread anti-racist narratives to reduce the visible manifestation of racism common in society.

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