COVID-19: Effects on UK’s Educational Sector

COVID-19: Effects on UK's Educational Sector

What is Coronavirus?

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) began in Wuhan, China; which is an infectious disease as it causes lung infection. On 12-01-2020, this became a worldwide breakdown and soon became a global pandemic by March 2020. This is among the deadliest types of virus which has a 2% mortality rate. However, it has already infected many people and has caused many deaths. Previously this type of virus was not found in humans.

Now, it is spreading frequently globally, and it can easily affect people who have a weak immune system which includes children and old people. Moreover, this virus spreads through the droplets, while you sneeze or cough. Although the symptoms of this virus include cough, flu, fever, and shortness of breath. Moreover, there is no cure found for this virus yet and the only precaution you can take are to wash your hands frequently with soap, with the use of sanitizer and by covering your face through mask and by avoiding public places.

Coronavirus outbreak in UK:

It has now become a world pandemic. Therefore, every state has now been alarmed with it and has named it a global emergency, including the United Kingdom. When the cases start being reported it was not taken as the serious emergency. However, by 18-03-2020 the death toll hit 104, which shocked the state, in addition to it, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, took the nice of it and passed the regulation stating to put the state into the lockdown as 2,626 cases got registered and stated to freeze every public activity for a time span until further notice. In addition, suggested people to stay indoors and take every precautionary measure as guided by the WHO.

How badly COVID-19 effect the UK’s educational sector?

As, the death toll hit to 137, it was announced by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to close every educational institution  and the yearly examination of GCSE, A-Levels and Stats to be  cancelled. As, human health cannot be compromised on any condition, AND this temporarily lockdown will take place from 20-03-2020.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made it clear that there will be no examination for GCSE, A-Levels and Stats. However, that will not affect the academic year of students as they will be provided with the required qualification to proceed with their academic requirements, as the students of final year look forward to taking admission in the universities.

But, Prime Minister Boris Johnson have not old the procedure by which the student will get promoted. Moreover, the educational institution will remain open for those students who require extra attention and time for their academics and the faculty members of schools, colleges, and universities have to be present on the daily basis and this involves only required staff.

Preventive Measures taken by UK in order to control COVID-19:

Worldwide registered cases are recorded approx. 212,800 in which 84,318 have been recovered and the death toll has hit to 8,789. However, many countries claimed to have discovered the vaccine of it, but none have been brought to the upfront. And in accordance to the UK, they have remained unable to control the coronavirus till now. And the state is still under the emergency situation. According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in the upcoming 12 weeks they will get the control over the COVID-19. However, till that time it is suggested to the people to follow the precautionary measures and collaborate with the state.

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