Factors Influencing Plagiarism in Higher Education

Factors Influencing Plagiarism in Higher Education

To understand the factors that influence plagiarism in higher education, we need to understand what plagiarism is? Plagiarism is basically a Latin word that means “to kidnap.” If we see the definition provided by Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, “Plagiarism is to steal and pass off the ideas and words of the other as one’s own.” plagiarism is using someone else’s thoughts without giving the credit, quotation mark, or mentioning the source. It is a kind of theft in which you are stealing someone’s thoughts, words and ideas.

Plagiarism is the biggest issue for the students of UK universities because teachers deduct marks or reject assignments if they found plagiarism in their assignments. Suppose you are doubtful that your assignments have some plagiarism. In that case, hiring our assignment writing service will be very helpful as we offer a complete solution for your assignments. We do proofread to check all the grammatical errors- and plagiarism issues.

Plagiarism is very common among students. A lot of students are involved in plagiarism, especially in higher education; most of the students are involved in it. It would not be wrong if we said that the number of students involved in plagiarism increases with every new day. Some students are doing it unintentionally, but most of them are aware of what they are doing and also that it is wrong. They are doing this due to some factors which are influencing them to do so, and they are:

Easy and Simple:

The first and most important factor is that it is easy, simple, and effortless for them. You don’t need any efforts in it; you don’t need to exhaust yourself. You just find and search for someone else’s effort and copy and paste it; your task is over. Students plagiarized just for their comfort; instead of making efforts to their work by themselves, learning something new, and flourishing their skills, they decided to steal others’ effort and perform unethical actions.

Quick and Easy Access to Information:

According to the survey which was carried out in Germany and Slovenia from the student of higher education institutions in the academic year 2018, it was found that quick and easy access to information plays an important role in plagiarism or in other words, it is the basic reason of that much influence of plagiarism. Every kind of information can be easily accessed through the internet and the web. Increasing the use of the internet is influencing students to steal someone’s work. They thought that when you have everything on the internet when with one click, you can access every kind of information, then why should they work hard when you can have a piece of cake while sitting.

Academic Achievements and Different forms of Pressure:

The next and most important factor is academic achievements. Students have a different kind of pressures. They are continuously facing the pressure of good grades in class, comparison with their peers, the best performance in class and also pressure from parents and teachers. The result of all these pressures is that then students try to use unfair and unethical means. To overcome that continuously increasing pressure and burden, students copy or steal someone else’s work. To become a bright and prominent student in the class, students, rather than working hard, try this short-cut solution of plagiarism, which in reality is not the solution. There is nothing wrong with calling plagiarism crime because it is theft; you steal someone’s hard work without even citing the source.

Negative Behaviour:

The behaviour of the student is the key point. All things start with this one thing, which is the behaviour of the student. The students who are influenced by plagiarism must have negative behaviour. They consider as non-serious, inconsequential, and worthless. Their assignment and studies are useless, so they don’t want to waste their time and abilities there, and to get out of this trouble, they steal someone else’s efforts. And for them, this is not a wrong deed. They can justify this and have lame excuses. So, the most important thing to overcome this plagiarism student must have a positive and learning behaviour. Teach them and guide them for a positive attitude for learning and working hard.

Academic Skills:

The academic skills of the students include how to research? How to write and interpret things? And the most important thing knows how to cite. For positive behaviour, students must learn these skills. These skills play a vital role in your academic performance. If you have these academic skills, then you don’t need to steal anyone else’s work; you have the ability and potential to create their own work. If you are confused and want professional help to assist you in your assignment writing, our assignment writing service will always be there to avail at any time.

Lack of Understanding:

Another factor of influence of plagiarism among students in higher education is the lack of understanding. Among the students who are copying and stealing material, there are numerous students who could not properly understand. Due to their poor preparation and irrational concepts, they find their solution in plagiarism. Instead of working on their understandings and concept, they found it easier to copy someone else even though it is wrong. The efforts they are using in copying and stealing if they spend on learning they will surely get a positive result.

Higher Institutions Behaviour Towards Plagiarism:

Higher institutions play an essential part for students. They are the source where students learn, grow and enhances their skills but are they performing their duties properly? These institutions are the primary source of where students learn. So, the higher institutions must have a clear policy about plagiarism. They must teach their students about plagiarism, its effects and reality because some students even don’t know that they are stealing; for them, they are just using the information they have collected from the internet. Understanding and awareness are very necessary.

As the influence of plagiarism among students in higher education is increasing, overcoming this influence, we must have to counter the factors involved in it. Two of the main reasons found are access to information and unawareness among students. Students must be taught the concept of plagiarism and how to interpret and use the information available on the internet and web in a productive and beneficial way and the ethics of not stealing someone else’s efforts and hard work and using their own skills and work hard to learn.