Organise Best Your Studies in Abroad

Organise Best Your Studies in Abroad

Want to Study Abroad?

Check how to Organise Best Your Studies in Abroad

The organisation of studying abroad is a multi-stage process: you will need to identify goals, choose ways to achieve them, then work hard, and in the end, analyse the results. During the time that will pass before the first day in a new school, many circumstances will change. Therefore, we can talk about a whole range of activities for organising studies abroad.

The main stages of organising studies abroad

Here you will come to know the basic steps you have to follow to let you enter in foreign education systems.

  • Analysis of the source data. How old is the child, what is his progress, what subjects are especially easy for him to give? These and many other factors must be taken into account for the subsequent successful study abroad
  • Definition of purpose. Desired country and program of study, estimated date of commencement of studies
  • Planning preparation for entering a school or university abroad. Additional language lessons, closing the gaps in subjects, preparing for interviews with representatives of educational institutions. It is advisable to begin this stage at least one year before the planned date for the start of studies abroad
  • Entrance exams, sending documents and everything that is necessary for admission;
  • Obtaining a visa, searching for a guardian (if necessary) and host family, booking tickets
  • Departure to study abroad, solving difficulties arising in the process, clarifying subsequent goals (for example, which university to enter after graduation)

Each of these stages requires time and effort, since there are no unimportant details in organising studies abroad. Parents who come across these issues for the first time usually do not have enough information to solve them. That is why the help of an education agency abroad can be very valuable.


Organisation of study abroad in different countries: is there a difference?

The organisation of study abroad depends, inter alias, on the country in which the study is planned. Although the above steps will be relevant for any of them, it is important to consider local nuances.

The organisation of education in England begins long before the desired date of admission. In popular schools, lists of promising students can be compiled several years before the start of training (however, really talented children always have a chance to enter).

In the USA, they pay attention primarily to the personality of the future student, his character and motivation. Before entering, you should learn to write motivational letters or an essay about yourself, as well as go through interviews. A portfolio with data on success in sports or creativity, participation in charity projects, etc. will help a lot.

Organising a child’s education in Switzerland is a difficult task, primarily because such a variety of curricula and languages ​​cannot be found in any other country. When a choice of Swiss, German, French, as well as English and American programs is offered, not to mention International Baccalaureate, the choice is not easy to make, so the first, analytical stage can be delayed.

Organisation of study abroad: independently or by an agency

You can organise your child’s trip to study abroad on their own, and the positive experience of many students is the best proof of this. But such a job is similar to finding a treasure without a card: it may be lucky, but maybe not.

The experience of the agent helps to avoid annoying mistakes when choosing a school and in the admission process. Individual selection of a school or university taking into account the abilities and interests of the student, assistance in drawing up a letter of motivation and preparation for an interview, competent support in visa matters – these are the very coordinates for finding a treasure. You can do without them, but the help of a professional significantly increases the chances of success.

Organisation of study abroad: study help

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