Top Study Hacks to Improve the Memory for Exam Preparation

Top Study Hacks to Improve the Memory for Exam Preparation

Don’t say it’s the exam season again. The grind is about to begin shortly. Do you also think how is it possible for a student to remember the extensive stuff like world war consequences, solving integrals and remembering the phyla characteristics? Isn’t this required a great deal of memory? Yes! It is.

The article is surely meant for you.

Following are the tips and tricks, more aptly describing them as “hacks”, for boosting up memory during the exam season.

1. Understand your brain mechanism:

As previously stated, memory is expandable. Prior to discussing the tricks, it will be a way better to first understand the mechanism of brain action. Everything we remember is either a part of long term memory or short term. Every event that happened may find the room in the short term memory this is the active sort of memory. Here the memories reside for a shorter period of times. Long term memory constitutes the old events that happened many years ago, but this section holds the information for a longer time span.

2. Customise a portable study spot:

According to some recent researches on the memory, changing seating spots often can drive you towards attaining better memory rather than sitting at a single study table. So select some cosy studying spot and switch them.

3. Exercise:

Recent researches have build up the connection between taking exercise and building memories. As like all other vital organs our brain also requires continual oxygen and blood supply, as exercise boost the blood supply to the brain so more neurons are regenerated as a consequence of improved functioning. So, more neurons lead to more storage.

4. Focus attention while reading:

While studying, keep your whole focus on the subject. Keeping yourself away from the distractions and attaining your attention are the two main building blocks of the memory. There are a number of ways to remain attentive. The simplest could be reading out the content a bit louder so that you can hear your voice and can focus on it.

5. Say no to distractions:

It could possibly be the difficult most thing to achieve, but it is not impossible. If you are determined to get your goal you can keep yourself away from these nasty distractions but if you find “self-control” rather a hard parameter to achieve then self-control apps are surely designed for you. Block social media apps during the specified study hours.

6. Stop cramming:

Cramming isn’t rather a temporary or a permanent solution. Students often sneak into shortcuts by cramming the content rather than getting the concepts. So the time you spend to cram isn’t worth it. Our minds are quite logical and only the topics with a better understanding and insight will find a permanent room in the long term memory.

7. Dedicate time for logical study:

Do structure and organised study. Try to get the insight, create the logical pattern in your mind. Carve out your creative skills and make mind maps for every single topic you come across. The flow sheets, logical reasoning and mind maps will make you capable of digesting more information in less time.

8. Try to visualise the concepts:

Visualisation is an important tool in memory expansion. The things you see or visualise retains in the memory for a longer time period. So be vigilant in observing the graphical data, pictorial representations or flash cards.

9. Relate the newer concepts to older ones:

Our minds do great when it comes to establishing the connections between the concepts. So try to relate the new concepts with the previous chapters. This will also enable you to think logically.

10. Get assistance from YouTube:

This hack actually works wonders. You can see the documentaries or can consult the open courseware provided by the various leading universities. Watching videos on the concerned topic not only makes you visualise things but also make you an active listener both of which leads you to the better memory.

11. Get assistance from music:

If you are always surrounded by noisy companions, then this hack can do miracles for you. By music, we aren’t referring you to hip hop songs. There is music which can actually help your brain to concentrate. So get yourself solaced b listening to study aid music.

12. Practice a lot:

There is no parallel to hard work. Practising over the stuff for a longer time span is the 100 percent genuine way to enhanced memory. Don’t go for shortcuts and make yourself habitual of regular studies.

13. Try to teach:

This is the well-pronounced way too. Before a quiz or exam try to teach your fellows. This will not only boost your confidence but eventually, you will notice that taught concept a better hone of your memory. It’s perfectly alright if you don’t have any companion to be your own teacher and try to repeat the topic after studying it.

14. use different learning techniques:

The smart study is now a day a more genuine key to success. So why you are sticking to old conventional styles? Try out different learning styles for remembering different sort of stuff. Use mnemonics to digest the long list of items, tabulate the statistical data, a flow chart the massive concepts, chronologically order the historical events. Be flexible and versatile.

15. Sleep well and take regular breaks:

A healthy body surely has a healthy mind. Don’t be a night owl. Ensure a healthy sleep cycle. Are the exams around? Still, 8 hours’ sleep is what your body demands from you. While studying don’t stuff your brain with the massive loads of information. Overburdening will eventually create a mess rather section your contents and take short intervals between the study chunks. Best of luck!