UK and American Education Systems

UK and American Education Systems

Differences between UK and American Education Systems

More than half of the top 200 universities in the world are based in the United States or the UK. Both countries have a rich tradition of quality higher education, excellent resources for study and a culture that promotes intellectual and academic freedom. While both countries provide an outstanding learning environment, there are many differences in the structure of the universities and student life. We will address in this article the main similarities between the American and British education systems.

Graduation Period

The basic difference between both the education system that is UK and US is the time it takes to complete your studies (except for four years of undergraduate study in Scotland). In the US, study duration is typically one year longer than in the UK, but this varies depending on whether you have a Master’s degree before completing your PhD. You can study immediately after a bachelor’s degree in both systems, but in the UK it is more common to complete a master’s degree before doing a PhD. The training in the United Kingdom is shorter because the program is more rigorous than in the USA.

Academic Term

Most American universities start their education across mid – August or late August but smaller universities in the social sciences that start later. Most universities take a longer mid-December holiday and start the second semester in early January or mid-January. Universities with different calendars, however, launch the winter holiday during the Thanksgiving holiday, which correlates with the end of November, using different three-term or quadruple schemes.

In the UK the academic term is a little more complex. Most schools start in September or October and end in May or June, which means they spend an academic year that is a little longer. But the academic term is not very common in the UK; if you want to research there, there may be another academic calendar for your university.

University Arrangement

Many UK universities consist of “colleges loan that focus on a particular department. Although colleges are still run by universities, each college, like the university, has distinct autonomy. You live with other people in the college you are going to study, you eat with the people in the college, and you usually stay in college during your study.

You apply to either the college of the school you want to research or the central system that allows you to apply to many colleges at the same time if you are going to study a bachelor’s degree, rather than applying to the university entrance centre as in the USA. This program is the Admissions Service to Universities and Colleges, or UCAS for short. Before applying, you need to learn what you plan to study.

Unlike the UK, you register for the first year or more at a larger university in the US, take courses from a variety of departments, and join your school at the end of the first year, perhaps even in the second. American universities have episodes or departments of various “schools,” such as the School of Science and Arts, which have a wide number of relevant divisions. Nevertheless, even if you declare an American university department, you still need to take courses outside your study area, called “elective courses.” For this reason, we can say that higher education in America is wider, or you can get a lot of information from various fields.

Assignments and Notes

Since the American system is wider, the lessons include reading once a week or bi – weekly, small writing projects, large research tests, and oral presentations, as the American system is wider. Most UK schools give occasional assignments writing throughout the term, and are much more oriented to the course. Homework is not actually given in some situations and instead the entire degree may be tied to one final exam. In the United States, in a number of assignments, your grade can depend on your results, and a final exam is a percentage of your overall grade. We will aid you in writing your assignments whether you are from UK University or from US University.


We can’t say the cost of education in both countries is lower but the cost of studying in America is generally higher. Under a 2012 rule, UK universities will cost up to £9,000 (about US$ 14,300) per year. This refers, of course, to British and European residents and not to foreign students. The price foreign students are paying may be higher. The Government sets a tuition fee limit, and each school defines tuition fees that do not exceed this cap.

In contrast, the US government has little sanction on tuition pricing at universities. There is a difference between tuition fees for private and state universities in the United States, and tuition fees may vary if you reside in a state or enrol in a school in a different state. The amount of mortar is determined according to these differences.

While the average annual tuition of a two-year department in state universities is $3000, the annual tuition of a four-year department in private universities is approximately $29,000. Finally, the fees for some four-year departments of some private universities can be up to about $50,000 per year. In both countries, government loans are provided at favourable terms and interest rates, so that borrowers can pay tuition prices. Financial Aid Centre and the UK Financial Aid for the UK for more information on funding your studies in the UK.


Both countries allow students to live in dormitories. These dorms have almost the same features, but it is more common in the UK to have your own bedroom, and in the US you can share your room with at least one person. But after the first school year in the United States, students may have other accommodation, for example; like a private home or off-campus accommodation.

In the dormitories in the UK, students usually meet their own food and beverage needs, while in the United States a range of eating and drinking facilities is usually provided by the dormitory. Another possible difference is that servants are common in student dormitories in the UK, but students pay a small amount for this service.


Although both countries offer excellent education, their approach to education is quite different from each other, with advantages and disadvantages for both countries. If you want to study in the United States or the United Kingdom, you should also consider the different variations mentioned in this article, in particular the duration of your graduation and the price you must pay, even if you choose to have a deeper or wider course.

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