Privacy Policy

Assignments Planet gives custom writing services to our clients and customers (“you”). In doing so, we perceive and extremely regard your protection rights, and we give this policy (“Privacy Policy”) to make you mindful of how we gather and use data from you relating to your utilisation of Assignments Planet (our “Site”) just as the items or services that you access through the Website (our “Items”). We additionally clarify in this Privacy Policy certain rights that you have in regard of your Personal Information (as characterised). We won’t utilise or disclose your data to any other person aside from as depicted in this Privacy Policy.

If it’s not too much trouble read this Privacy Policy cautiously to comprehend our practices in connection to Personal Information (as characterised). This Privacy Policy furnishes you with data about:

  • Contact Privacy: We make sure that our client data is highly confidential and kept safe under highly supervised department to avoid miss use of any kind. Any sales person of our organisation is not allowed to disclose any information of any client even to the writer or else. Just the contact information saved in our data to have communication with each other regarding your assignments.
  • Email Privacy: Just like contact information, we keep your email address safe to avoid complications. Miss leading information or threats can be sent to you if someone by chance have your email so to avoid these types of situation we keep your email address extremely safe. We keep your emails to inform you about our future discounts and promotions and to have a record of work.
  • Secure and confidential payment transfer system: We use best communication and money transfer system to be safe from being scammed unlike other websites. Your private data and billing information will not be disclosed to anybody as we are using very secure payment transfer method which does not allow spam or any fraud. Cookies We set cookies to your browser to make everything smooth and improve your user experience. Cookies we use are extremely safe so you don’t have to worry about a thing. If in any case it troubles you, ask to remove it.
  • Secured Data Saving: We do not share your any information to outsiders in any case. We respect our valued customers and their privacy. All the data of our customer is directly fed in our secured data saver and automatically it hides the confidential information to a password format so that no one can reveal it.


This Privacy Policy might be refreshed if n some conditions and consequently, In the event that there will be any critical changes utilised in your Personal Information (as characterised in this) in a way, not the same as that expressed at the hour of Information, we will try to advise you by posting a notice on our Website.

To order your assignments at Assignments Planet will safe and secure. Do not hesitate and order your assignments at our platform and enjoy the restless life and get your high-quality assignments done on time.