Revision Policy

Assignments Planet is not unaware of the idea that numerous projects are very complicated and in this manner, maintains the provision of revisions, even boundless number of times if conditions permit, which stays substantial after the delivery date to a month or 180 days following the handover of definite paper. It is inside this time period that the customers need to advise the quality control group in regard to any modifications that might be required on our end. You can likewise leave a message via email straightforwardly to the writer for your correction.

Although, we are glad to tell you that we do free paper revisions in case of any dissatisfaction and late delivery. One of our main objectives is furnishing clients with first-class academic assistance, so you can rely on a for free-of-charge revision of the paper you bought on Assignments Planet for this, your request must meet the following criteria:

Consistent guidelines:

You should furnish correction bearings that allow your initial directions for the request. For instance, you can’t request to revise your paper on an alternate subject.

Appropriate amendment demand: Be prompted that you can’t order revision by means of just informing our representative, but you have to send a proper email with all your highlighted comments.

One week deadline time:

If you approve the paper you got, you can request revision whenever you want. It would be better if you note, in any case, that once you support your revision request, you have just seven days to have it revised for no charge.

Now and then it might happen that the request needs significant improvements. There may be several reasons; you may need it to be revised without any preparation, or to change enormous pieces of it altogether. For this situation, you will likewise need to pay an additional charge, which is diverse in each specific case. To get a measure of the expense, if it’s not too much trouble, contact our help group. The equivalent likewise applies on if you have missed the 7-day deadline time in the wake of having approved the request.

We comprehend that for enormous orders, for example, a full proposition or paper, a week isn’t sufficient. Such requests are additionally dependent upon the Progressive Delivery highlight, which implies they are delivered to you in parts as our author will finish. A revision demand for orders with the Progressive Delivery highlight can be submitted inside 21 days after the initial approval.

Sometimes, we can stretch out an update deadline as per our writers’ request; however, just if the time period you are paid for permits such an expansion.

You are allowed to demand an alternate writer to play out an amendment. Remember, however, that we will require an additional charge to assign another writer. For this situation, you may need to expand your deadline by 12 hours.