Refund Policy

Credit/ Refund Arrangement

We ensure that if you are eligible for a refund as indicated by our Money Back arrangement, we will move the cash you have paid for the request back to your credit card.

In case you are from the European Union and paid the VAT when requesting us, it would be ideal if you note that VAT is non-refundable.

Additionally, we can offer you another alternative of setting aside this cash as a credit with us. Rather than having cashback to your record, you can decide to store this cash at your adjust and use it for your next requests with us. If you agree to this choice, one of our £8.99 packs of your decision will be added to your next request with us for nothing!

We accept that you merit the most excellent items and services when requesting Assignments Planet.

In this way, you will have the option to get a 100% credit/discount if:

  • We missed your deadline and it is past the point of no return for you to present the last paper;
  • We neglected to discover the author and finish the paper for you (such events are extremely uncommon and we educate our clients in advance).

You will be qualified for a 50% refund if:

  • You chose to drop the request and the author had just begun dealing with it (so the writer will get some compensation).

You will be qualified for a 70% credit or a 30% discount if:

  • The greater part of the deadline has passed and the writer has just been assigned
  • You have sent the request for modification and we neglected to re-examine the last paper for you

In the event that we miss the deadline (does not apply to any revisions):

  • If you can give us a chance to have additional time, we will recalculate the cost for you and a halfway credit/discount will be given;
  • In the event that you don’t need the paper any longer, a full credit/discount will be given.

It would be ideal if you note that we are not liable for the number of right answers provided you if you put in a request for solving multiple-choice questions. If our writer provides you with the answers and the greater part of them are solved wrong, you will be qualified for a partial credit/discount.

Credit / Refund policy on delivered orders

After the writer has finished working on the order, we convey you the last item. You can download the last documents either by tapping the connections in the email or by downloading the last records from your own record.

At the point when you download the document, you get your last item, and you gain the privilege to utilise it. If you see that a portion of your underlying necessities has not been met, you can send the request for a free modification.

In spite of the fact that we ensure that all papers are written plagiarism-free, it can happen that we have missed something. It happens once in a while, and in the event that over 25% of the paper was counterfeited, we ensure that 100% of the cash you have paid will be discounted/credited.

Additionally, if the present writer neglects to finish/reconsider the paper for you, we will allocate another writer who will meet all the necessities you have.


We do comprehend that occasionally the above-mentioned rules are not applicable. If you don’t agree with the options that were given to you, you may demand the Dispute and we will survey the request all the more altogether and will create different ways how to determine such disputes.

If you are happy to question the request if you don’t mind ensure that you have adequate proof to help your case.

If credit/discount was given:

  1. The last item turns into the property of Assignments Planet and will be distributed online for business purposes on our site;
  2. You lose the privilege to utilise the last item or whatever other materials that were conveyed to you by Assignments Planet.

It would be ideal if you note that we don’t ensure you will get specific grades. If you utilise the delivered paper, it implies that you are happy with its quality and every one of your guidelines have been met. Along these lines, in the event that you get a terrible score, no credit/discount will be given.

If you don’t mind note that we are not liable for the number of right answers accommodated you if you put in a request for settling numerous decision questions. If our author gives you the appropriate responses and the greater part of them are understood wrong, you will be qualified for a fractional credit/discount.